Get your license and get on the air!

The Great Bay Radio Association offers classes and testing for all levels of Amateur Radio Licenses. If you want to get on the air, or if you want to upgrade your license, we can help.
Tests take place at the GBRA club room at 6:00 PM on Thursdays.

Test schedule:


February 16
June 15
August 17
November 16


The GBRA holds regular classes for licensing and upgrades.

The next Technician Class will be held at 1 Washington St. in Dover, beginning on Friday, February 5 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM, and will continue each Friday. See below to sign up.

An on-going class for the General class license is held at the office of AB1ST in Dover. This is an informal class, and students may come and go. We go through the question pool and address the topics in that order. If there is an area that students are weak in, we address those as well. The goal of this class is not simply to pass the exam, but to understand the material. These classes are free, and take place from 3 - 5 PM on Saturdays.

Likewise, an Extra class session will soon be starting up at the same location. As with the General class, the focus is on understanding the material. This class will be from 5 - 7 PM on Saturdays. These classes are also free of charge.

There will also be a lab session beginning on Saturdays from 1 - 3 PM.  In both the General and Extra classes, students will have the option to build kits or equipment. This will be done in the lab sessions. The only charge for lab sessions is for any equipment, kits, parts, etc. purchased. This session may also be used by those who simply want help building a kit or working on their own equipment.

Sign up for class or test:



February 16
June 15
August 17
November 16

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